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Atlanta Martial Arts Academy.  My sparri
Welcome to
Atlanta Martial Arts Academy


Atlanta Martial Arts Academy is proud to be the premier school for American karate in the Atlanta area.  There is something for everyone in our dynamic martial arts program:


School age children, teens and preschoolers gain confidence, self discipline, focus and respect while learning karate in a variety of high-energy, fun-filled classes.


Adults can improve their physical fitness and overall health  and well being in structured karate classes designed just for them.


Self defense, karate forms, sparring, board breaking, grappling and weapons are taught by an impressive group of highly trained Black Belt instructors lead by the world renowned Master Marcal Lazenby, an 8th degree Black Belt.


Students will also get opportunities to compete in local and regional tournaments, which will help them improve their skills and make them stronger and open their eyes to the whole world of martial arts!

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